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Originally Posted by Stew View Post

Nothing as beeen (( dumb down )) in planetside 2 they have remoove some few vehicules to replace it by others who as the same roles it reduce the developpement cost and serve the same purpose ...

Also planetside 2 will be more action and front lines assault oriented Instead of having a (( hang around )) and Chill around gameplay some times

Planetside 2 isnt a pic nic like it was sometimes in Ps1

their will be more action more contestation over territory and Much more thing to do

Also down the road they will ad features vehicules etc.. depending on How much suport they have from the vast PC community !

All your post isnt about tactics since youll have a way more tactics and thing available to you in planetside 2

You talk about squad respawn ? This isnt tactical ? If i say i use Squad leader (( infiltrator )) who sneak up into a based and make their 9 squad member droping with pod on him this isnt a viable tactics ?

Sorry but all this dont make sens

Oh god... I'm sorry, I shouldn't laugh. English is my first language and I can't speak any others and blah blah blah

That just really hit my funnybone. I'm not trying to be a dick or insult anyone.

Anyway, to the OP, I pretty much agree with everything you said. That and the fact that there are that many engy/medics out there that unless you kill immediately, you may as well not bother. There's another thread about the OS being bad. Seems like the people who have OS capabilities like the idea of them and everyone who is only on the receiving end of them hates them. Big surprise.
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