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For a 670 setup with a decent CPU you're probably looking at a 650w powersupply. The best way is to go and look up the TDP for your components.

Originally Posted by Mutant View Post
And a i3 + 460 would be crap vs an i7 3920 and 2x GTX 680.
Right, a $120 difference is the same thing as a $1000 difference.

AMD is still far behind in CPU performance. Read the benchmarks. Trinity still doesn't stack up on the CPU end. It's better than Bulldozer but only barely.
The i3 is a better chip.

$120 is buying a lot in this case. If she wants to try PS2 I'd say the A10 is simply not an option, especially using the integrated graphics.

You can't even fit Windows 7 on that disk. I have an 80 GB SSD and I have only Windows 7 on it, nothing else installed there, and the OS is still consuming a whopping 70 GBs.
You have obviously done something wrong. Win 7 should only take about 20gb. My fully configured laptop takes 40gb with the whole Office suite, Diablo 3 and a half dozen other substantial bits of productivity software.
Even with lots of updates it shouldn't bloat like that unless you let it.

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