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Re: Planetside 2 ruined Battlefield

Originally Posted by Mastachief View Post
Welcome to the "Planetside Itch". Nothing will taste/feel the same again you will constantly yearn a satisfaction no other game delivers. You will try and rage quit over SOE's poor design choices but that itch will always drag you back.

Only the ones too stupid to have seen the beauty escape unharmed.
I want to know why I don't have that from PS2 like I did from PS1?

Others as well, people I played PS1 with who got bored or frustrated with hackers or some such, we could ALWAYS talk them into coming back for a month here or there. Something about PS1 got into you, even if you managed to walk away it was in the back of your mind calling to you.

PS2? I kinda feel I need to log in, I feel I SHOULD play with my outfit. But there is something missing, and some of those people I could always get to get onto PS1? They walked away during PS2 beta and haven't looked back.

I want that 28 days without planetside feel again, but I don't know exactly what PS2 is missing to give that.
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