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Re: So anyone going to SOE Live?

Originally Posted by Neurotoxin View Post
Not only am I attending, I'm also doing the last Player Panel on Saturday with a couple of folks from the QA team!

I agree with Evilpig, PS2 devs and the community should do an unofficial drinkathon. I'm bringing a buncha different homebrews, though I doubt I'll have enough to get everyone uber drunk. Bringing some Porter, Chocolate Stout, IPA, Rye IPA, and possibly an American Hefeweizen.
Neuro, I would love to try your chocolate stout. THAT sounded wrong! Anyways, I couldn't drink when we hung out in SF, so looking forward to getting smashed with all of the PS folks. I have been to 2 FF's and they were always EQ and SWG heavy, THIS IS PLANETSIDE'S YEAR! A lot of PS's community will be there. We should all hang out and show Bally's just how annoying /yell can be!!
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