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Re: Test Server Update October 23, 2013 4 PM PST: OMFG Patch

First impressions: Definitely more GPU bound and solid fps increase across the board, especially at quiet area's. But in a massive 3-way grinder at the Crown, it gets ugly fast though: Lots of stuttering, massive fps spikes (15fps - 85fps), rendering issues (you can hardly see where your shells are flying), etc. Still far away from a smooth experience. Btw I'm on a i7 950 3.6GHz/ 6Gb RAM/ATI HD 5970 dual gpu.

As for the new HUD UI, I'm not a fan of it. Besides from its style (not mine), it fails to do where it's designed for: Give you clear info. It blends too much with the back ground (shields in centralized hud, you can hardly see when it's full/empty), the ammo reload circle is too thin and hardly visible and the same goes for the red hit detector: You can hardly see if you're hitting someone.

BTW. Be sure to check out the new lay-out of Biolabs. Looks promising (have to test it though), except for the closed-off spawn: You have to take a ridiculous walk to actually get in the biolab .
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