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Originally Posted by Jamini View Post
Just going to throw a fun little counter-tactic to EMPs for the OP.

Lay boomers between your mines when defending areas that get hotdrops. The EMP will set them off and kill anyone in the minefield, often taking out the entire squad that dropped (or at least enough of them so that you can clean up with a punisher or ES rifle.)

Perhaps you just haven't thought enough about counter-tactics to command abilities?
A) When the I-win button pusher hit the EMP OS he wasn't standing in the middle of a minefield so it wouldn't have mattered.

B) There is no counter to the OS.

Originally Posted by Dagron View Post
The long run is something that should be factored in, just because the game is old and everyone had time to reach the top command lvl isn't an excuse for it to happen every second, it's still lame.
It's shortsighted of the devs not to see it, I read a post like from 2002 before PS1 came out, someone said the same thing.

Originally Posted by igster View Post
Although I agree that CE is pretty weak in this game... I think that it is intentional and to some extent I think that it isn't far off the right balance. Locking down entire squads with a few deployable defences for 5 minutes even basically slows the game down massively and in general it would lead to stalemates in the game much more than now.
"Slows the game down"? You think everyone is entitled to victory simply by showing up?

It is about evolving your gameplay to counter the counters.
There is no counter to the OS. They could have flanked me instead of using their I-Win button.

CE is still about the most fun to play in the game - I've been advanced engineer for ages and it adds a nice dimension. Come up against a good player with good CE skills and it is pretty harsh.
Yes an EMP does take out all your carefully laid out traps.
They could have used EMP grenades instead of hitting their I-Win button.

But imagine if there was simply no way to clear all of these traps other than to take your troops with thumpers and emp grenades. Every base would take 20 minutes to simply clear CE and taking court yards would be next to impossible.
Game was like this when it first came out and it was as fun as hell to clear out enemy mines. Just like I described in first post.

In the situation you describe (1) the EMP going off and (2) a simple /broadcast would bring reinforcements to the back door to stop the breach. You've slowed them down and forced them to use a big 'Haaaaaai' EMP that every in the base can hear has alerted the defenders to where the attack is coming from.
You know how herding cats is. I had to bottle them up for at least 3 minutes before another player even would hear or show up.

There are lots more situations where strong CE is awesome defensively. Not only for possibly getting kills, but also to alert defending troops about the movements of the enemy.
Not with the EMP OS.

You should have stuck with it. There is much more fun to be had with CE, finding new ways to trick, trap, delay and annoy the enemy.
Not with the EMP OS

Think about use of boomers to counter EMPs. If a troop lands at a back door and emp's... any boomer they are standing on gets set off and hopefully they have dropped out of a plane right onto your carefully positioned boomer. Bang play your cards right and its the entire galaxy squad in one hit.
Why would someone stand on a boomer? They're not hard to see. Anyways my goal was to DELAY them, not kill them. I kill them and they just spawn somewhere else and give someone else on my team a hard time. I DELAY them and I've become a bigger force multiplier for my side. Yeah I know, playing for my faction instead of for experience points is so radical and weird. I'm such an old school roleplayer.

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