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anger in the community?!?!

For the past weeks I have seen people attacking each other and most of them I see are PS1, they say some times that "well PS1 did not have prone" or did not have this or that and it's becoming a thing that just is not liable to say. Most of this stuff has to be experimented on in game and most arguments are invalid when there arguing because there is no evidence of the idea going bad or good and should stop talking about it like an old marred couple. The reason why that stuff was not in PS1 is because they did not think of it at that time or it was not possible to do. Some of the ideas help the game but just are not need but it could help. Its like having a regular pizza but you don't need any toppings to make it better but they taste better.

P.S. if you hate pizza you hate PS (trololol)
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