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Originally Posted by Redshift View Post
If they buffed the fury you'd drown in the whine. It was already easy to at least scare off if not kill a bad MBT crew and you could do some serious dmg to a good one before they knew where you were, lightnings and SG's were pure fodder for them
Yeah Lightnings and Skyguards are my bread and butter on a fury. Good for cleaning up damaged tanks that are retreating. Fury is pretty much my favourite playstyle because of the extreme uncertainty as to whether you're going to 1) get smoked in half a second or 2) get a massive veh killstreak...

I think that the wraith would be a lot more useful if it was ignored by mines when cloaked, but I haven't heard anything about cloakers in the new information, maybe they're on the outs for PS2...
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