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I Found the image you guys are talking about, but as I'm at work I'll just list what it says and someone can draw it:


Accuracy - High
Recoil - High Burst Fire, High Sustained Fire
RoF - Moderate
Damage - The Graphic shows moderate, but everyone seems to know it's High at close range and falls off quickly.
Ammo Type: Energy


Accuracy - High Close, Quick Accuracy Falloff. (probably due to heavy dropping bullets)
Recoil - Low Burst Fire, High Sustained Fire
RoF - Slow
Damage - High
Ammo Type: Magnetic*, Flak.
(*Look up one of the first bullet shaped bullet in history, the Minie. That'll be a good explanation of what NC are firing w/o the powder charge that would go with it)


Accuracy - Medium, Slow Accuracy Falloff. (Lighter bullets more accurate)
Recoil - High Burst Fire, Low Sustained Fire (I take this to mean that the difference between burst fire and full auto is small, but someone can correct me if they know better)
RoF - Fast
Damage - Light
Ammo Type: Cartridge Ammo (Regular true to life ammo)

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