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Originally Posted by ThermalReaper View Post
I was always playing solo considering I can never get my brother to play with me.
However, I joined a clan once on world of tanks and it was ungodly fun with other people until I got in a fight with the leader and dropped out. I would like to recreate that but with a happier ending here.
So basically what I'm saying is, are there many outfits that accept all sorts of people regardless of age/nationality...etc and maintain teamwork while having fun?(I'm asking this about PS1, hoping to get some in PS2
Well your story is a pretty common one actually. Playing with others is pretty much the bread and butter of what makes a good time in gaming. I've known a few clan leaders who became ex-clan leaders because of their personalities and I've seen people who just couldn't follow basic rules of decency and were ejected from the group. Normally you'll find that most clans are accepting of new players and that as long as the community is healthy it's hard to go wrong.
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