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Re: Few questions about the Light Assault class

Hello again

Light assault isnt really my thing, but i do know the answers to some of your questions...

1: The Rocklet Rifle isnt supposed to be used as your main anti vehicle. What youre supposed to use is the C4. They are kinda expensive, but its worth it. The Rocklet Rifle is mostly used to finnish of a tank that didnt explode from your C4. 2 C4's sometimes leave a Sunderer burning and then youll be glad you have the Rocklet Rifle.

2: This isnt really my thing, but i use the NS-11c if that helps :P (mostly because im a cheap bastard and wanted a gun i could use on all factions :P)

3: Again, this isnt really my thing, all i know is that the "Glider" jumpjets (or whatever they are called) are mostly used when you bail out of your ESF and want to redeploy before you hit the ground.



6: A very popular side-arm is the NS-44 Commisioner. Great to combine with knifing, or just 2 shot headshots.
If you buy it with DBC, you can use it on all factions too.

Most of these questions have been answered in videos on youtube. Wrel has a lot of good tutorial videos on his channel.
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