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Post Composite Wallpaper

Hello everyone, I have posted this on the Planetside 2 forums, so I thought I would be un-biased and post it here aswell. I have been working on some compilations of several designs for some PS2 faction wallpaper I have been doing. Some of these are my progress of what I am doing. These can still be used as wallpapers, below are just some that I decided to release to he PS community.

New Conglomerate (Compo #1):

Link: New Conglomerate

Terran Republic (Compo #1):

Link: Terran Republic

NOTE: These are not finals and are subject to change!

Where is the Vanu Sovereignty wallpaper at?
- Well, the fact is, the Vanu are so precise and sophisticated that I haven't really came up with a outline design for them just yet. But, just be patient!

Feel free to critique! Remember these are composites, they have errors that you can plainly see because I have not cleaned them up yet...

Yours truly....

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