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Re: There is a new Tutorial

Originally Posted by Taramafor View Post
You read my mind. Not knowing this in the past, I passed a fellow TRG member who commented on how I walked past him without dropping ammo after getting tank mines which put the ammo box in the same slot as the turret. So he told me how to do it and I've never forgotten since.

New players won't be able to get advice from anyone though and will have to stumble around in the dark until it's made clear in game.

Putting it into the tutorial shouldn't be too difficult. Give someone something temporally to put the ammo box in the turret slot and then tell people how to do it.
Well, if SOE does any sort of class-specific tutorial sets, that could be in the Engineer tutorial. Or, it could be put in the description of the turrets that you could do this, not just what the turret is.
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