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Re: Daybreak Games Hit With Layoffs, Matt Higby resigns

Planetside 2 Devs "wishlist"

They are getting ahead of themselves again.

So, they aim on saving the 80-100BR bracket while the 1-79 are quitting left and right.

They have yet to provide compelling reasons to level up to BR 80 in the first place (much less BR100). They gave means to but no good reasons for. As it is, it's all gun levelling/grinding.

That's like handing someone tools and telling them 'climb that mountain' without giving any reasons why.

Besides, the reasons why those 80-100 BR are still playing is because they
- are a newbie hardcore grinder
- are die hard veterans
- content with the current grinding/farming 'meta'.

Those who already quit or quit at low levels obviously don't find it attractive. Hence, why focus on those who are already content?

So, instead of that they ought to focus on reimplementing a sound and foundational Resource System. The same mechanics that players have been waiting for since June (?) last year. The same resource mechanics they unduly destroyed for the sake of the Directive system.

But currently, the Wishlist ideas they present are simply bunk, backwards and out of touch.

A good resource mechanic will:

- give players who quit a reason to come back give it another go.
- give new players reason to stay in the first place.
- be inviting to BR 1 - 100 and not just on (80-100BR . Why?)

And lastly, to be exact.
- Allowing players to switch side is not in the spirit of faction warfare. Allowing an account to access is already bad as it is. Now they are literally just treating it as a lobby shooter. This is an MMO not a Lobby multiplayer game. Why use FPS as inspiration or standard?

It's like PS2 is trying to build that tallest building but they end up with deep ditch and the building buried in with only 4 floors showing because that what the other FPS are 4 floors only.

"We made the tallest building ever!"
"Where is it?"
"Here it is, buried with only 4 floors showing"
"Look around you, every one has 4 floors only. We still have the tallest building though. Only it is buried". Planetside 2 logic

Why make the only modern MMOFPS if you are aiming to build a Lobby FPS shooter?????

- Resetting levels is also inane because players will not sacrifice all their levels unless they are given a something really useful for it, like power.

Example: In a very old MMO Shaiya. Getting players to max level at Normal mode unlocks Hard Mode (which is more powerful). Maxing a Hard Mode player unlocks Ultimate Mode (which is extremely powerful, but the downside is it Permadeath and cash shop dependent to maintain). Players did anyway despite the gut-wrenching Permadeath mechanic, because the pvp was great with open PvPvE high-end dungeons (no instanced garbage) and contestable access to high end maps.

So unless, they give something like more power. Players arent' going to reroll with that kind of system.

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