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Originally Posted by Pride View Post
If I have any budget left I'm definitely considering getting a swag new monitor however i'm not bothered about a 3D one.
ISP screens really are that much better in quality than TN.

I have one of these on my workstation: one of the better value highish res ISP screen about £526 at Amazon atm.

I don't use it for gaming but looking on the net it seems the input lag is ~ 30ms which is ok.

But for that money you can have 3 x 24" TN panels. (more or less what im running on my gaming machine atm) looks like a nice model for multi montor setups.
On Amazon atm for £123 (3 for £369)

Any input lag under 50 ms should not be a problem if you don't play at the highest levels of competition (ie for cash).
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