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I'd say the south western warpgate team has the biggest advantage because the north eastern team warpgate has to overcome the physical barrier of two canyons to reach their mean distance line.

The north western team, is literally cornered and therefore seems pretty screwed: it has the least backland and expansion options and is always being doubleteamed with constant pressure on, where the other two empires may settle for a status quo along the canyon division (particularly if the southern team has control of the south eastern 'island'). Only reason they'll survive is because the other two teams will eventually clash on the main pink terrain. The only chance they have to expand up to the high ground ridge along the route eventually, is if the clash in the south east 'island' is too troop consuming. That area however seems more like outfit skirmish terrain.

Lots of choke areas along the division lines pretty much ensure a stalemate. Had the north eastern warpgate been a bit further south, I think the division would have been better.

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