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Originally Posted by MgFalcon View Post
So to necro both myself and this thread I present to you my YouTube channel devoted to beer: (video)
I'm gonna be talking about a lot of cool things here, so if you guys are interested please make some noise and tell me what you want to see!
Good video! I typed some comments as I watched:

An English IPA like Meantime can be enjoyed a bit warmer. As an IPA warms up, the flavor profile changes, sometimes helping more of the malt or yeast flavor come through (though yeast should be fairly subdued for most IPAs).

Hops actually have a variety of alpha acids and oils that are found elsewhere. Geraniol (from geranium) is an example of this. Though they do have a diversity of flavor profiles, just like their close relative cannabis.

IPAs are generally hoppier beers. Centennial hops are where I'd imagine the 1st one got its name. Its a more citrusy hop when its fresh, but hop aroma and flavor break down first, so an older IPA or one made with older hops may lack those characteristics.

That second one sounds like an IPA that is meant to focus on malt as well, almost like a stronger amber ale. Sounds like fun to me. Third one, seems alright, nothing wrong with a can if you have a glass to pour it in!

You are right about their IPAs, but porters were a gutter beer from the dreg runnings of 3 different beers which was cheap enough for porters to buy. It wasn't until much later that it was codified into a real beer style. The idea of shipping liquid across a distance is moronic, so the shipment of beer ended up being a silly process where it needed the hops to stave off spoilage. The first bit of history about IPAs is definitely correct, but I never heard that second story about the company. They could be related though, as I don't think the empire itself was directly manufacturing and shipping the beer.

I'm with you on hating industrial lager. Its piss.

I have a Neverwinter Online glass beer mug from E3 last year. ^_^

Ugh, why are you chugging those beers? IPAs are for enjoying, not for chugging!

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