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Yuengling is my favorite "everyday" beer. It's my go to when I don't want anything too exotic. It's just a solid, easy drinking lager. I live a block from the original Dogfish Head brewery, so needless to say, I spent a hell of alot of time there in my 20's.
I drink Yuengling as an everyday beer as well, though lately it's been a lot more Troegs. I live in PA, just over the Delaware line, so I've also spent plenty of time with the Dogfish Head brews. I like them, specifically the 120 minute, but they experiment so much that sometimes I'm afraid to try some of their beers ;P I do love their restaurant down at the Del. beaches though, their infused vodkas/rums are really good for being mainly a brewer. As good as they are though, I love Victory beers, may be because I'm closer to them :P Between the those two major breweries I get more than enough IPA's.

I did visit Troegs two years ago though, and lately I've been drinking them more often than the others. I've also been through Lancaster Brewing, Victory, Dogfish Head, Ironhill, Nodding Head, Slyfox, and a few more breweries... My brother is a huge beer nerd, he's always got a few kegs of different stuff ready and one or two in the works(he doesn't bottle anymore). Most of the tours were cool cause they were private, since he seems to know all these brew masters somehow. I try tons of different stuff because of him, and it's weird looking back on my college days of key light and natty bo cause I wouldn't touch that stuff now. I went with him to try Pliny the Elder and Younger this year in Philly, I wasn't too impressed personally but the 500 beer nerds around me were. Personally I'd be just as happy with a Yuengling, though I was glad I got a chance to try it.

All in all, I'll try any beer but for every day beer I'm good with whatever someone gives me(free beer = good beer). Yuengling for at home/any day, Pacifico/Yuengling for the beach, and I prefer stouts for the winter(<3 Ironhill Russian Imperials).

btw MgFalcon, your video was good. Informative to people who really know nothing about the differences between the beers(besides taste). I never liked IPA's but over time of trying my bros beers I've 'acquired' the taste for them. Stopped on the way home today to get some more Lagunitas Hop Stoopid and Imperial Red in the fridge
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