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I do love their restaurant down at the Del. beaches though
I live in rehoboth beach, and most people refer to their restaurant as their "original brewery" I've noticed. That's why I said I live near the brewery. The actual main brewery is still in Milton, I believe.

They always had great food too. For 10 bucks you got 2 big slabs of local flounder, and a huge side of fries. It was enough for 2 people, easy.

A buddy of mine was stuck on magic hat for a good 2 years, back in about 2003. He wouldn't drink anything else. Not sure if that was more local, or what. I don't see it half as much these days, around here.

Honestly, some of Dogfish heads brews are the ultimate of "acquired taste". You really have to be a beer lover, to enjoy some of them. I can't remember the brew, but I remember thinking one of them reminded me of melting PVC tubing. Very "chem" tasting.
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