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A Guide on How To Be A Good Beta Tester

I know beta testing could be a while away, but I figured Id post some key points on what/what not to do during a beta test for when it hits.

Points to keep in mind if you are chosen:

1. DO report bugs with vast amounts of information, screenshots and timestamps.
2. DO test as many features as possible in as many ways as possible.
3. DO consult with other tester's for answer's to potential problems you maybe experiencing in-game before making an angry post in the forums.
4.DO suggest as many changes with as many justifications for your creative suggestion's. ( this is a big one, it's one thing to complain about a feature or lack of then just saying "this sucks" and not give a creative explanation or remedy for the problem)
5.DO support creative new approaches to in-game abilities,play styles and progression types.

The DO NOT's of beta testing:

1. DO NOT play the beta like a shareware demo - It's a beta, not a opportunity for F2P free ride.
2. DO NOT come to the forums to complain at dev's and players because the servers maybe down, usually a reason for it.
3. DO NOT expect conformity within feature sets and game play. As in comparing one game to PS2, this is a different game.
4. DO NOT play the beta for 1 day, then come and make final judgement's on "how utterly terribad this game is" because your experience was not what you expected (this is pretty common). Be realistic.
5. DO NOT talk about the game outside of beta test forums allotted to you. IE. do not tell your friends family anything about the game as it can get you in trouble under the NDA.

If any one here does not know what an NDA is, it stands for Non Disclosure Agreement, its a waiver that you must sign confirming that everything during the beta test much be hush hush.

If you are selected for beta, I hope you test it for the right reasons, the more feedback SOE receives during the beta the better this game will be.

Best of luck!
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