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Re: Outfit Air Cruisers Redux

In a word, YES!
Commonpool is fine, I'm not that fussy and ES stuff can be done with modules.

I want one. Actually I want 90 (10 per side per cont). They need numerical restrictions else the planet would be covered in flying fortresses. Also need a reliable method of letting outfits bid/bargin/vote/apply/lottery towards getting one of the available slots.

I suggest 1 hour slots normally, 30 mins during primetime, fixed resource fee for use (lowered during off-peak hours) plus whatever the upkeep and cost of purchase are. No more than 2 timeslots in a row for times where more than 10 outfits want one.

Linked to outfit level?
Best method of attaining a timeslot?
(IMO a mix of 4 bid 4 lottery 2 Vote/random/opt-out feels ideal, all managed through the same screen by a specifically flagged outfit officer)

TBH 5 options seems overkill, 1-3 sizes plus modular upgrades would be plenty.

If i can remember where i put my other Mobile Fortress post, i'll re-link it here.

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