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Re: Outfit Air Cruisers Redux

Originally Posted by Purple View Post
It would totally ruin any air battles going on.
No it wouldn't, if anything it would greatly enhance them.

i dont like this idea it just seems like gals could fill the rolls already.
The Galaxy does not fill the intended role at all.

i would however like to say its the most thought out airship idea i have seen so far.
Thanks, the old incarnations are floating around somewhere.

Originally Posted by IMMentat View Post
They need numerical restrictions else the planet would be covered in flying fortresses. Also need a reliable method of letting outfits bid/bargin/vote/apply/lottery towards getting one of the available slots.
I agree with numerical restrictions, but not in the way you propose. I'd rather see an escalating cost of ownership, to the point that friendly AC owners might be tempted to destroy another friendly AC to keep costs down. Like maybe it is a soft cap of Air Cruiser Command Points:

Light = 1
Heavy = 2
Battle = 3

Your faction gets 10 free ACCP, but the upkeep cost increases drastically after 10 ACCP. Doubling every 5 ACCP.

10 ACCP = X
15 ACCP = 2x
20 ACCP = 4x


So it might even be better to invest in Light Cruisers since more outfits will be able to use them without raising ACCP as much.

TBH 5 options seems overkill, 1-3 sizes plus modular upgrades would be plenty.
Six actually, I went with that many because it helps customization and forces specialization more, not to mention each upgrade level has added costs, helping to maintain a healthy price barrier. Many of the upgrades are purely stats and have no visual component, so development time won't be overboard.

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