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Re: Outfit Air Cruisers Redux

I quite like this idea, much more than the idea of outfit bases.

In addition to access balconies, I think it's important for them to have something like a air vehicle pad, maybe two on battlecruisers. The outfit could transport one or two air vehicles, while any attackers would be able to land a Galaxy on them to anchor an assault.

I think the way to make them low in number is to make them obtrusively expensive and very destructible if caught out of position and subjected to a coordinated attack. For most outfits, they would be liabilities rather than assets.

Also I think they should have one very large cannon which can only shoot horizontal and so will not effect the ground conflict, but will light up the sky with a huge blast in cruiser vs. cruiser battles. Imagine the sky lighting up over the amp station in TB's Night Ops footage as two cruisers battle it out in the sky! Gives me the nerdchills.

Last but not least, to pilot one should require an intense amount of certification. Obviously not like the amount of time it takes to pilot a Titan in EVE, but nonetheless not something easily achievable.
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