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Originally Posted by MightyMan View Post
"Well most of what needs to be said in here has been said already so far."
As the forum section's name implies, this is a debate, it's not how it works, sadly considering 90% of the people here are trying to cut my balls off.
You seem to be doing just fine by yourself

As for Warborn's (I think it was) statistics of Israeli's killing 5x as many children as palestinians, that is an extremely short sighted notation and the understanding of it doesn't take into account any other variables. For example, THEY WERE USED AS HUMAN SHIELDS.

Oh but I digress; I forgot the topic here was about how completely fucked up Israel is. Let me jump on the bandwagon...
Originally Posted by Warborn View Post
...I called Jo Jo's Psychic Alliance last night and she assured me that JFK's ghost killed Trayvon Martin and Zimmerman is being compelled by the Illuminati to take the fall. ... Don't you scientists be telling me lies, getting me all confused about "facts" and "magnets" and so on.
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