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*Hemp-Hewn Hippie complete with sandals and and long unkempt hair takes the stand*

"Bogus man! The Republic and the Vanu only want control of you and your soul. Is that what you all want? To become heartless and unthinking machines in the literal or metaphorical sense (VS and TR respectively)? That is just not cool. And it will continue to be not cool until we can show them that freedom of our souls should be the deciding factor of this entire war. If Jeezus were alive today, he'd definitely be on our side."

*Person from crowd raises their hand*

"Er, yeah? You with the hand that's raised?"

"Um... yeah... Me and my friends are curious: what are you on?"
"Yeah! Whatever it is, we want some too!"
"Dude! Tell us and hand some over!"

"Well... it's a mix of a few special herbs that I brought from before the wormhole closed and a few plants from Auraxis, but that's not the point man! ... But you know on second thought... it is! We need freedom to do that too! It'll free our souls man. Our souls! You know what I'm saying? We don't need those tyranical Terrans telling us how to live our lives or those voracious Vanu to turn us into robots! We need to rise above their empty hearted ways and live free! WILD AND FREE! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"

*runs off the platform, screaming and trying to convince people that if they join the other teams that they'll be sucked into a black abyss*

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