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Re: New PC Build. Feedback appreciated

Originally Posted by Goku View Post
Build looks good thus far to me.

I did see increased performance from running higher memory clocks with PS2, so I think its worthwhile. Its not major, I would peg at at around 5% at most. Thats what I was getting with my ram at 1866 vs 1333 anyway.

Have you looked into the 7870 with 1536 SP? Link to card and review.
Hmm, I might look into higher quality RAM then. I only choose that brand because it was the cheapest 8GB I could find.

And thanks for the tip on the graphics. Really bummed that the card I chose suddenly discontinued. I really hope that they get some more in stock by chance in the future but if not I'll probably go with the one you linked. Thanks a lot!

Any little tidbits of advice you could give for a first time builder would be appreciated as well. I've watched/read A LOT of guides on how to build so I'm pretty confident when it comes to putting together, but any advice on what to expect, common things that might go wrong/mistakes you can make would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

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