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Re: [PSA] What are your top 3 bases or outposts in PlanetSide 2?

Tawrich Tech Plant
- Can be attacked from 3 sides.
- Each of the satellites are interesting and open to attack in many ways.
- The network of roads and entryways between the Tech Plant and the satellites are brilliant.
- These series of bases are always on fire during Tech plant alerts

Andvari Biolab
- Can be attacked from 3 sides (N, E, S)
- The North to South lanes so fun to fight in. There's always a back and forth, going up and down. What's great is, the long lane is capped by a tower from the south and the north.
- The Eastern flank/lane of the Biolab is awesome as well, since it leads to interesting areas
- During Esamir Alerts, this area is always hot. The flow of battles are so good, only stopping at powerful defensive chokepoint bases like Towers, Eisa, or the Octagon.

Crossroads Watchtower
- There are so many great towers, especially in Indar! Indar Excavation, Regent Rock Garrison and Crimson Tower Bluff (in that order). But Crossroads is the best of them all, (narrowly better than Indar Excavation because it is smack dab in the middle of Indar and a very busy position).
- Can be attacked on all sides!
- The transition to other bases, Xenotech, Snake Ravine, or Broken Arch roads is very fluid.
- The mountain over looking NE has to be guarded from Tank, Max, turret, sniper campers.
- The C cap point gives a natural cover for Sunderer
- The B Cap point is also gorgeous. It can be defended and attacked in so many ways!
- And Main Tower point has to be covered from tanks shelling/camping from the old 'Magrider Hill' north as well.
- The trees give natural cover for attackers coming from Xenotech hill.
- The Bridge area has an walkway under it. That walkway is also connected to the north entrance and altogether wrapped around C where the attackers use it as a flanking or staging area. There are so many layers to it!
- There are so many ways to approach this base. It is such a brilliant layout.

Overall thoughts:
- PLEASE do not think of it as just a base. Think of it as a base and its transition to other bases. These bases can be attacked in so many ways and smooth transition aids in fomenting a fight.
- That tiny, empty building between Quartz Ridge and Indar Excavation is a great example. It is used to be an empty death zone. Now, whoever wins that empty lot attacks the next base! Now that NC is out of the SE corner, it will be great to see the Indar Excav-Quartz Ridge - Coramed Triangle once more!
- Both sides will actually fight for that empty forward base. It is proof that Cap points aren't really needed on outposts! They should add more of these abandoned buildings between two hard-to-capture bases.
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