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Re: Top cause of players leaving PS2 (2014)

I'll give a few reasons why I stopped playing.

1: Because it's too fast for its own good sometimes. I don't mind speed but it's become more of a twitch game with less room for planning and tactics and not everyone has that good reaction timing (Which seems to be changing now fortunately).

2: Sniper nerf. A semi auto being more effective then a bolt at long range? Really?

3: That biolab update that just... Failed so hard with the arrows for dummies and being farmed because of bad base design.

And not something that caused me to quit, but something that's adding to keeping me away. lightnings going as fast backwards as forwards. Which is just plain stupid. Now people will just drive foward into sight, shoot and drive back at choke points, not resolving traffic jams at all. Which is what it was supposed to help fix?

All that aside, some things are drawing me back, But if immersion breaking things are going to continue to be added then I may not stay. We'll see what happens.

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