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Re: Top cause of players leaving PS2 (2014)

Originally Posted by Babyfark McGeez View Post
But how often are you so fucked with all continents combined? There has to be atleast some continent where your faction holds some territory, otherwise you're boned regardless of the system and either have like 10% global pop or your faction is functionally retarded.

As i see it, it can happen that your faction gets warpgated on one continent, but usually in turn they dominate another continent. Aside from the odd hours (where the current system is no help either) the territory control pretty much evens out when viewed globally, which is why it would make way more sense to treat resource income globally too. It would even things out.

Buuut let's see what they make up, i mean, come up with.
This is part of phase 2 for resources which will combine with intercontinental lattice and ANTs.
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