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There were two sniper rifles in PS1:

Boltdriver: Bolt-action, one shot at a time, which did IIRC 90 health damage and a lot of AP damage.

Heavy Scout rifle: Scout-Rifle, fast sniper, which did very little health damage, but shot quite rapidly and had a clip. But it did so little damage, it was to the point most players didn't use the HSR at all. It could have been balanced better by dealing half to double health damage per shot then what it did. I don't think anyone would have minded.

The current sniper rifles in PS2 that fire fast, seem to fire almost as fast as an uzi. At least that's how it feels when you empty the clip at short range. The refire rate has always felt insane to me at the damage they do and the accuracy they have. Granted, I'm not a terribly good shot, but I recognise it when someone who is could go haywire with it... I just fail to see the point of the bolt-type in comparison as it is a lot more forgiving, certainly at short range. I've seen many people use it as a shotgun and SMG for infils before they actually gave shotguns and SMGs out and be very effective with it. The only reason to use a bolt in PS2 right now is because it can one shot.

IMO, the speed-firing snipers should be slowed down a bit in rof, while the bolt should lose headshot capacity when silenced and not shown on radar.

I'm not a sniper player myself, as I'm more the melee type ambush player, but this is what seems fair to me and would make there be more of a choice between the playstyles and as I think Blaxican said, offer some balancing options between the empires.
Yea the normal sniper was 2 shots to kill while the HSR was 4 shots.

I actually never used either but especially not the HSR until very late on in the life of PS1. Funnily enough the HSR was very effective. I mean if you were shot by a sniper rifle you immediately ran for cover however if you were shot by an HSR people didn't seen to worry about it. You'd be surprised at the number of people who would hang around to be shot all 4 times.
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