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Originally posted by {BOHICA}Navaron
I don't want to defend some A hole for 7 minutes because he doesn't know how to read.
Well that's a risk you have to take at least once to know if he is good or not, same as hopping in a galaxy with a stranger, maybe he's a damn good pilot or maybe he'll end up crashing you into a lake.

Another idea could be that the time it takes the base to turn over (the 15 mins now - I know it might change) would be directly proportional to the hack time. So Joe BLow hacked it in 1.5 mins so the base turns over in 15 mins, but l33t g33k got it done in .30 so the base turns over in 5 mins. I know people would be searchin for l33t g33k to join their squad. That would be cool.
Yeah that would be another sweet thing to add. But i would hope for allowing different hacking times first then maybe change the take over time as well.
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