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Originally posted by Warborn

There's absolutely no sense in focusing on just the Hacking cert, because as I've said, it's just one part of the bigger picture. If you totally exclude all other factors and simply say "Well, the Hacking cert is boring, let's make it a mini-game so that Hacking is interesting", you have absolutely no argument. It's not at all necessary or needed, and most players would find that it gets in the way. People don't pick a weapon cert just to stand in place and hold the fire button down, and people also don't take a Hacking cert to simply walk around opening doors. There is more to being a Hacker than just Hacking, so there is utterly no reason in making the Hacking cert into some sort of a puzzle.

Most players? Maybe I miscounted but i'm pretty sure you're the only one arguing for keeping the timer bar Warborn.

I liked the idea about 30 second hack time versus minute and 30 second hack time having a benefit in how long it takes to turn the base to your side. I think that was Navaron's
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