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Oh, some other stuff:

Most players? Maybe I miscounted but i'm pretty sure you're the only one arguing for keeping the timer bar Warborn.
You've never heard of a majority being wrong, before? Just because not many people are vocally agreeing with me doesn't mean I'm more or less right than you are.

However, for the sake of accuracy, I did have some people on my side.

/em nods

Can they respawn in the base after you have hacked it and are defending for the 15 minutes needed
Once the base is Hacked, it goes Neutral (nobody can use it/spawn from it) for the 15 minutes, or until the previous owner re-Hacks it. So you can be sure that during an attack, the control room will be defended. And if the battle goes sour for the defenders, they will definitely try and hold up as long as possible in the control room.

Which is why you can shut the base down a second way -- by destroying the generator.

I liked the idea about 30 second hack time versus minute and 30 second hack time having a benefit in how long it takes to turn the base to your side. I think that was Navaron's
It turns the base Neutral, and honestly, it doesn't make a huge difference. If you're in a situation where you either hack the base in 30 seconds or die, whether you hack it in 30 seconds or 1 minute won't matter, because once you hack the base, you're dead, and the base will likely be re-hacked. Actually taking the base will require that you secure the control room (save for those rare instances when there isn't a Hacker within 15 minutes of the base you just suicide-hacked). And if the control room is secure, it won't make a difference if the process of turning the base Neutral takes 5 second or 2 minutes. Nobody is going to disturb you either way.
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