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This is just a random idea that got into my head from reading this ...

When a hacker goes to the terminal a small window pops up showing a top-down view of a circuit board. There are 3 wires running left to right. Red, Green and Blue. There would be a different sequence for each team (Vanu, TN and NC) for the hacker to follow.

A Vanu squad gets into the 'hacking room' of a TN base. While they cover the hackers back the hacker goes to the terminal and uses it, opening up the window. The TN 'combination' would be, cut the Blue wire (right clicking to cut it) and the Green wire and then crossing the two sets. (pick up one end of the Blue wire and drag it to the opposite green one to connect them, do same with other Blue/Green pieces)

Something like this would make it so each team has a different combination. It somewhat adds to the hacking sense, is easy, and wouldnt take long.

To make it idiot-proof (well, cant make ANYTHING idiot proof ) the combinations would be in a readme/bulletin board/help menu in-game or have a help menu pop-up when somebody picks the Hacking cert, telling them the basics and showing examples, and, giving the combinations.

With something like this every now and then in a patch they could switch the combinations. This would help keep hackers on their toes so it isnt just another counter-strike bomb dropping. (this is really just a simple idea, food for thought. )

To possibly take it a step further so that it isnt as static, if your a hacker in your own base you could try and 'rig' the hacking terminal. A very simple idea might be :

The 3 wires are running left to right. At the top is Red, the middle is Green and the bottom is Blue. This would be the setup of the terminals.

----------- <-Red
----------- <-Green

To rig the terminal you could strip 2 wires of their colors and change them, possibly throwing off enemy hackers. (This would easily be avoided by an enemy hacker that knows to do a 2 second check to make sure they arent tampered with.)

So a rigged terminal would look like :

-----------<-Green (in reality, the Red wire)
-----------<-Red (in reality, the Green wire)

So, using the example from the top of a Vanu hacking a TN base(Cut Blue/Green wires and cross them) the enemy hacker would have to cut the middle (Green wire that has been rigged with the red covering) and bottom (Blue) wires. Easily done, especially if you have a paper beside ya with the real setup.
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