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DLV will likely be used by 1 person per squad idealy. This person will most likely be useing a short ranged, powerfull weapon. Chaingun or Jackhammer seem like they would be popular.

I think they saw the flaw in DAoC's assassins(compleatly invisible) so they added DLV and the movement modifier to force them to be scouts/sabateurs or have to ambush with their melee weapon.

DLV will probably be used by many stealthers as well to catch the enemy. Another popular Implant with stealthers will be Melee Enhancer(double knife damage).

This, however, still makes stealth seem kind of lame. Something to consider would be duel knife slots for the Stealth for Duel wielding. Doesn't seem to unbalanced because it IS melee and they have wait for the enemy to get to them to they can have the element of suprise.
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