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[Merged] Planetside 2 & TrackIR

I've mentioned this a few times in other threads, but thought it could use it's own.

So, if anyone isn't familiar with TrackIR, this video explains it pretty well:

I think it would be really damn awesome if Forgelight could be made to support this. It would work like wonders in a game like PS2 (really amazing in ARMA2, for example) and does a great deal for situational awareness.

Since Forgelight is likely to be in just about every game they will be making from here on, making it generally speaking compatible with Forgelight would probably make it quite easy to make compatible with each game they have coming in the future with little effort.

It's quite a niche thing, though, and I feel that they won't use the resources on something like this, but it sure would be really awesome.

Naturally any kind of dev reply would be cool, but that's just hoping

EDIT: Good to note that it's not really TrackIR that needs to be implemented, but free look which benefits everyone. After free look is in, TrackIR is easypeasy to integrate to the game.

Originally Posted by Justaman View Post
I think you should edit the OP so that it doesn't imply that "TrackIR" is what needs to be implemented. It should say we want a "free look" button, or an extra set of hot-keys that only effect our visual orientation. In the best case, it would be a free-look button that toggles the visual orientation hot-keys from what they are, to your mouse. So that single button Free-look would seamlessly work with either mouse+keyboard standard setups as well as mouse/keyboard+joystick/other peripheral. As the peripherals them selves would handle the use of those inputs.

Which in comparison is next to nothing for development time.

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