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Originally Posted by Zenben View Post
Devs post here quite often, and I'm sure they read most, if not all of the threads.

As far as TIR, it's a neat concept, but I would think your neck would get sore after a while. Doubt I'd even try it.
trust me your neck doesnt hurt. I have owned every iteration from thte 3 on up to the 5 and this thing is the best periphrial since the joystick or mouse. In fact if start a game that I play and forget to start my track IR, I HAVE To restart. I wont play without it its that cool.

There are alternatives to Track IR as well that are free. (all you need is a webcam) and the freetrack software.

And to who said it doesn't belong in an MMOFPS. I would say this is exactly where it belongs.

Everyone wants this game be be cutting edge and next gen. Well here you go! This is a present day product that feels next gen! Its very intuitive and customized to suite any players preferences.

trust me once you try track IR you wont go back. You almost feel handicapped with out it.

Originally Posted by Zulthus View Post
This... I can't even imagine how annoying aiming would be trying to fight with your head and your mouse to stay still trying to acquire a target. I don't really think it belongs in FPSes.

While this isn't as hard as you think it is. It fits best when used just in vehicles where your POV is fixed at the 12 oclock position. If you think about it. That is SO out dated. You can look everywhere on the ground, why not bring in the ability to look around while in a vehicle or aircraft. It makes perfect sense. We have the tech to accomplish it, why dont we use it?

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