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Originally Posted by Marth Koopa View Post
Not to be a negative nancy, but that looks really stupid...

It doesn't make much sense to me. If I move my head, my monitor is still in the same spot, so now I'm going to have to turn my eyes.... the movement of your head and your eye orientation does not match the game view one bit.

Really stupid

This is the thought of someone who has never used it. I can understand your concern. However. the way track IR works is that the head in game only turns at a ration to what your head turns. Say 3:1(and its adjustable) that means you are still looking at your screen while turning your head. Trust me it works AMAZINGLY well. I have had one since the track IR 3 and it is AWESOME.

This is the list of games that officially support track IR there are many that have had it modded in. trust me this is a seriously cool device that can increase the immersion and fun in any game.

All Titles (arranged alphabetically) Available TrackIR
18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin'
Aces High II
AeroFly 5
Air Battles: Sky Defender
America's Army
Apache: Air Assault
ArmA: Combat Operations (Armed Assault)
ArmA 2
ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead
Arma 2: Reinforcements
Arvoch Conflict
Rowan's Battle of Britain
Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory
Battleground Europe: World War II Online
Beyond the Red Line
Colin McRae Rally 2004
Condor: The Competition Soaring Simulator
Cross Racing Championship 2005
DCS: A-10C Warthog
DCS: Black Shark
Descent: D2X-XL
DiRT 2
DiRT 3
Enemy Engaged: RAH-66 Comanche vs. KA-52 Hokum
Enemy Engaged 2
Euro Truck Simulator
Evochron Alliance 2.0
Evochron Legends
Evochron Mercenary
Evochron Renegades
EZdok Camera (EZCA)
F1 2010
F1 2011
F1 Challenge
Falcon 4.0
Falcon 4: Allied Force Falcon 4: Allied Force
First Eagles: The Great Air War 1918
Flight Simulator 2002
Flight Simulator 2004: A Century Of Flight
Flight Simulator X
Future Pinball
FreeSpace 2 Open
GT Legends
Grand Prix Legends
Harrier Attack II
Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles (and Ace Expansion)
IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover
Jane's F/A-18
Jumpgate Evolution
Live For Speed
LockOn: Modern Air Combat Z Translation
LockOn 1.1: Flaming Cliffs
LockOn: Flaming Cliffs 2
M4 Tank Platoon
Mach 1
Mediterranean Air War (MAW)
Micro Flight
MiG Alley
Miner Wars
NASCAR Racing 2003 Season
NASCAR SimRacing
netKar PRO
Nitro Stunt Racing
OMSI Bus Simulator
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
Over Flanders Fields (OFF)
Pacific Fighters
Project Torque
RACE 07: The Official WTCC Game
RealFlight G3
Red Baron 3D
Richard Burns Rally
Rise of Flight
Rise: The Vieneo Province
Ship Simulator 2006
Ship Simulator 2008
Silent Wings
Simax Simulation Driving Simulator
Space Shuttle Mission 2007
Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed
Strike Fighters: Project 1
Superkarting Demo
Take On Helicopters
Targetware Series
Test Drive Unlimited
thriXXX Technology Series
ToCA Race Driver 2
Tom Clancy's HAWX
Tower Simulator
Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006
Trainz Classics
Trainz Simulator 2010
Turismo Carretera
Vehicle Simulator
Virtual Sailor
Wings of Prey
Wings of War
Wings Over Europe: Cold War Gone Hot
Wings Over Israel
Wings Over Vietnam
WWII Battle Tanks: T-34 vs. Tiger
X Motor Racing
X-Plane / X-Cockpit

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