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Re: Santorum Drops Out

Obama might have this one in the bag. I'm a little sad Santorum didn't win; he's way less electable, but I don't think Romney can do it.

I heard a very interesting breakdown of why on the radio the other day. Let me paraphrase:

DJ1: Romney might take it just because republicans will vote for him because he's not Obama. They'll hate Obama enough to go out and vote.

DJ2: Yeah but you see, winning elections is about mobilizing not your base, but the people who usually don't vote, you know? You need to get the lazy people out, and the lazy people won't get off their asses for a guy they don't care about.

DJ1: Even if they really hate the other guy?

DJ2: Look at Bush and Kerry. The left hated Bush but didn't really care about Kerry, so he lost. It doesn't matter how much your party hates the other guy. It's all about how much your candidate can motivate people, and for that, they gotta really like him. And from my perspective, republicans see Romney the same way Democrats saw Kerry. 'Meh, he's not the other guy, so he's gotta be better'. I don't think he's got a chance.
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