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Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
We're never going to see common ground here. You trust and believe in the government to do the right thing and I believe the opposite. I have my faith in freedom and the free market.
I will point out it's not a complete trust. You can't view topics like this as black and white. Things that can't be readily exploited with government control, like I believe healthcare fits into this group, is excellent. Things like bills relating to the Internet for instance are often worded poorly and broad and easily exploitable. Basically focusing on things the government could handle and strictly limiting their control for the benefit of society is the concept I'm usually for. Which is generally why it's so easy to refute Republicans because they view all topics as black and white when there's many options. You basically proved this by picking one thing I said and judging me based on it. Common tactic used by Fox news and Rush, so I really didn't expect anything different.
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