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Re: Santorum Drops Out

You know, I've never understood the scandal of a politician changing their mind about something. Take Romney. He passed a health care law in Mass., but he's against Obama's health care law. Okay. Maybe he changed his mind?

Can you imagine if real life worked this way? Back in the day I used to think raw fish was gross and made fun of sushi. Then I tried it and, hey, I actually like it. Now I'll tell anyone who'll listen that it's good. Or what if you used to really hate SNL, but then you saw a clip online or something and thought, oh thats sort of funny, and then you started watching it. And then suddenly all your friends are like "HOW CAN WE TRUST YOU WITH ANYTHING, FLIP-FLOPPER?"

Our ability to change our minds on stuff is a valuable asset. I'm much, much more leery of people who can never alter their opinions when presented with new evidence than people who change their tune when they realize they were singing off key.
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