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Re: Santorum Drops Out

Originally Posted by Sirisian View Post
It's why they changed their mind. Changing their mind is fine if they justify it. Sadly it is often because they've secretly sold out to lobbyists or are pandering toward a group.
I will agree that Romney comes off as a man who will say anything if it will only get him elected president. But that's only when taken in context with some of the other stuff he says; just the vague way he talks, the queer way he acts. He's like an alien who read about these strange humans called 'conservatives' or 'citizens' and he's seen how they act on TV, but something gets lost in the translation when he tries to act like them in public.

He's kinda deep in the Uncanny Valley, I think is one of his big problems.

But I dunno, the idea that you can be for something ten years ago, but have a different opinion about it now, and have that be an OMG SCANDAL, just seems weird and sad. It would be something totally different if he was saying it after a week. Or a day.

Perhaps sadder is the fact that they often change their minds ONLY because of money and lobbying. Another example of the sheer broken nature of our governing system.
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