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Re: Ok everything about the Cockpit to let you know whats up

Originally Posted by MrBloodworth View Post
=( Yes, I am in a love hate relationship right now. I love her, I think she is gorgeous, we were really close friends for 5 years (PS1), but she (PS2 Design) keeps hitting me. Please excuse me. ) .
About this the only thing i can say is Keep playing Ps1 then Because Ps2 will be advanced and modern FPS mechanics base ! And also will be far superior in scales and graphics and also the gameplay will be compleatly different !

but the factions wars stay , the NC tr and vs distincs look stay but go even beyond thats they are even more specifics !

And vehicules are going to fit the new gameplay mechanics !

For me it remain planetside and its pretty good like it is rigth now then for me Iam i love with planetside 2 ! And ps1 was a good game years and years ago but i cant stand anymore the graphics and old gameplay its like iam not the kind of guys who play cs1.6 and quake in 2012! I prefere new games mechanics over old ones !

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