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TAG: Tag Action Gaming - Inquiry of interest thread

Hello guys this is HelixProd. I am in a clan called TAG: Tag Action Gaming and we might start a PlanetSide 2 division for our clan. We will be a TR outfit on Waterson and we will be only accepting BattleRank 30s and up. We are not going to be a "Air wing" or "Armored" outfit. We will adapt to the situation and commence the operation in the most tactful way we can, doing whatever needs to be done to take out the enemy with as much ease and efficiency as possible. All members of the outfit will be required to join the clan website to become a part of the outfit. I am Inquiring if any one is interested in joining us if we start the outfit. I am not 100% sure we will but if not, I will start an outfit separate from my clan. So, If you are interested in this operation, please reply. You can contact me via Xfire: vernon97 (Best way to get contact me) or Steam: HelixProd (I don't use steam in game)
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