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[NC Woodman] S4NC

S4NC was founded in May 2014. The objective was and is, among alot other things, to build a "grown up" team, which communicates entirely through voice and ts3. But also from the standpoint of military Hirachie we want everyone, from the individual member to the officer in the High Command, to know what to do.

"Dedication , Discipline and Patience"

In general this means for members of S4NC that they can do what they want, as long as it does not violate our rules. Only at our squad Nights everyone has to fulfill his job. And that with dedication and discipline . It is one of our main points. The outfit must be able to rely on each member and its intended task. Therefore: loners who want to be just in an outfit, may look for another outfit. There are enough mass outfits you can join and you dont waste our time.

"Domination through teamwork"

With 10 years MMOFPS experience, we decided to integrate existing structures from long-established clans. At least we dominated over years whole gameworlds with these teams and that halfway with over 150 members. And With 150 we are not talking about a mass-clan number. Each individual was assigned to a branch, communicated via teamspeak and knews what he had to do. And because the strategy in a MMOFPS with country / air / (water) and mobile spawnpoint units largely remains the same, it makes it easy for us to implement this. Nevertheless we are working constantly to improve ourselves and our strategies. But to bring out the best of everyone , it is not only important to work in a team. It all starts with the selected game class. Only someone who has his own class/vehicle correctly certified and got used to it can give everything for the team. In return we offer alot of information, help and live trainings.

"If the blind lead the blind, both fall into the pit"

Who wants to lead a section, squad or platoon should also be capable of it! In addition to the strategic aspect, this includes much more important things like personality and the respect or the right way to deal with members. For that we offer extensive courses that will help every leader to lead in a very good way.

Whatever, we are one month old and it is still a long way. If YOU are satisfied with our goals and it is exactly what YOU want to do, dont wait and register today
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