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Exclamation [TR-Emerald] 3rd Infantry Division is Recruiting (Tactical Realism)


Greetings, and thanks for your interest in the 3rd Infantry Division. I am Private First Class (PFC) Erik Sokolowski. You can call me Ski. I was an original founding member of the 3rd ID over 16 years ago. I returned to the unit a few years back and am very happy I did. We are a Planetside 2 tactical realism unit that has thrived on various games over the course of it's lifetime. It's a very unique community of gamers which I am incredibly proud to be a part of. I hope you will join us.
Private First Class Erik "Ski" Sokolowski
3rd Infantry Division, 15th Regiment, Kilo Company, 1st Platoon
Recruitment Corps

Contact information

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any or all of the following representative 3rd ID members. You can also visit our website, or hop on our Discord server.

Captain Townsend, Commanding Officer:
Steam - CPT Townsend [3rd ID]
In-Game Username - Townsend
Discord - GTownsend#7630

Corporal Thrasher, Recruitment Corps JNCOIC:
Steam - CPL Thrasher [3rd ID]
In-Game Username - DThrasher
Discord - CPL Thrasher [3rd ID]#4462

Corporal Jarreau, Recruitment Liaison:
Steam - CPL Jarreau [3rd ID]
In-Game Username - Jarreau
Discord - CPL Jarreau [3rd ID]#2813

Private First Class Hunstad, Recruitment Liaison:
Steam - PFC Hunstad [3rd ID]
In-Game Username - Hunstad
Discord - PFC Hunstad [3rd ID]#1944

Private First Class Sokolowski, Recruitment Liaison:
Steam - PFC Sokolowski [3rd ID]
In-Game Username - ESokolowski
Discord - PFC Sokolowski [3rd ID]#4444

Official Recruitment Corps E-Mail:
[email protected]



Emerald (US East) - Terran Republic

Thank you for your time, and
Rock of the Marne!

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