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GameSpy Interviews Devs

Gamespy recently interviewed three Devs from the Planetside Dev team. Peter Chang, Terrence Yee, and Dave Kuykendall answered a barrage of questions from, "What's Planetside like?" to "What's your favorite movie?". Here's one question and the responses:
GameSpy: What factors (tactics, aesthetics, technology, etc.) influence your design decisions? How?

Peter Chang: A lot of factors influence a design decision, but I would say, personally, the most important factor has been to design a world that accommodates players with different playing styles.

Terrence Yee: At this point, feedback from the beta pool (internal and external) is of great use to the team. From this, we're able to see what works, what needs to be fixed slightly, and what needs a total overhaul.

Dave Kuykendall: Fortunately, we are blessed with a very powerful engine, so we have few hard limits on what we can do. Therefore, it comes down to mainly looks and design. Most of the land areas of the maps are made with visuals in mind. It is only near the bases and other important points where we really looked hard at cover placement, hills, gullies, etc.
You can find the full interview here. On a side note, Peter Chang and Dave Kuykendall are both game designers, and Terrence Yee is an associate game designer.
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