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Re: Best / Worst - Rate Weapons and Vehicles

Originally Posted by Leet View Post
1. Jackhammer - Derp
2. MCG - Versatility
3. Lasher - Still needs slight tweaking but can do alright if used as a JH.

1. Pulsar - Great weapon after the buff.
2. Gauss - Has been a great weapon for a while. First place is interchangeable between the Pulsar and Gauss.
3. Cycler - Is inferior to the Gauss and Pulsar in every way. Terrible weapon.

1. Lancer - Solid
2. Phoneix - Versatile
3. Striker - Just bad.

AI Max
1. Scat - A jackhammer with range customization welded onto a Max unit, need I say more?
2. DC - It's a beast with the overdrive.
3. Quasar - Jumpjets can make it good if you can get a good vertical 'warp' going.

AV Max
1. Comet - Good damage + jumpjets make it a beast
2. Pounder - Tempted to put Falcon above it but its overdrive help a lot. Without them it's pretty situational and vulnerable.
3. Falcon - Can't quite dish out insane amounts of damage like a Pounder can versus vehicles. Still solid overall.

AA Max
1. Starfire - Easily the best against aircraft. Its jumpjets make it the king of AA Max's. If you use trees and other things to stand on, you're nearly impossible to kill 1v1 unless you're mentally handicapped.
2. Burster - Situational, but if you find a good spot you can absolutely decimate aircraft. Capacitors add an extra umph if you can't lockdown.
3. Sparrow - Pretty bad compared to the other AA Max's. I think the devs purposely made it junk to try and trick people into thinking they weren't biased towards NC

1. Magrider - Direct LOS shooting; great AA capabilities due to that.
- Can also avoid bridge choke points
2. Vanguard - Hits hard, isn't fat, and doesn't require a third gunner.
3. Prowler - Sports all of the Vanguard's qualities, even the negative ones.

1.Thunderer - Beast
2. Raider - Pretty good; requires 4 gunners
3. Aurora - Amazing at camping doors

1. Maurader - Good overall, its chaingun helps it have some sort of AA.
2. Enforcer - Heavy damage
3. Thresher - Good, its slow projectile speed is its biggest disadvantage.
I second this. I agree with the rankings mostly and the comments, save for some situational differences.

AV maxes are tough due to their variables. Indoors on offense vs AI and max v. max pounder loses. BD defense and outdoors Pounder wins. Falcon is pretty mid-range in all situations and Comet is most versatile.

With the pops back up I've fallen back in love with the Burster. When the pops were weak it was just a death trap everywhere and the sparrow was great but with fights the size they are supposed to be hard not to sparrow is annoying, skilfires versatility makes it good and with CY defense the burster is awesome. As long as pheonixes are kept away.

Same with the defense on AI maxes DC is beast when able to lock down in a hallway and Quasar is silly when you can push a tower top down with several. But those two just flip flop, can't move a scat from top spot.

I wouldn't call the striker "just bad" in zerg numbers it can be fun but the range and breaking LOS by trees makes it meh.
Why anyone would use a suckler over a pwnisher boggles my mind.
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