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Re: Best / Worst - Rate Weapons and Vehicles

1. Repeater
2. Scat-Pistol
3. Beamer
Repeater wins by far. Not that it matters tho, I mean - pistols!

1. MCG
2. Jackhammer
3. Lasher
JH best for soloing, although very restrictive niche. MCG is super-versatile, and in groups completely outperforms the JH. Lasher is kinda similar, but just wonky. :-/

1. Pulsar
2. Gauss
3. Cycler
Gauss used to be the shiz, but since the Pulsar buff I find the Pulsar a tiny bit better. Cycler still suffers from the Rexo buff, after all these years. Poor Cycler. (Note to TR: And yet, Cycer > MCG outdoors nonetheless.)

1. Lancer
2. Phoenix
3. Striker
Lancer is pure sex and wins hands down. Phoenix has piss poor DPS, but can circumvent cover, utterly useless against air, but slaughters Maxes... weird thing. Striker is kinda meh, good as poor man's AA, but gets outperformed at AV and anti-Max by the other two.

AI Max
1. Scattercannon
1. Quasar
1. Dual-Cycler
I find them all awesome. Scatter is obviously still king of inyourfaceness. DC on Overdrive is on par with the Scatter now, except OD isn't always on (but it has range). Quasar has jumpjets, so yeah - the possibilities!

AV Max
1. Comet
2. Pounder
3. Falcon
Comet best anti-Max Max (which IMO is the most important purpose of AV Maxes). Pounder better vs vehicles and for spamming. Falcon pretty much allround-Max, but isn't actually good at anything.

AA Max
1. Starfire
2. Burster
3. Sparrow
Personally like using the Burster the most (note: You CAN hit Libs at flight ceiling with it, easily), but Starfire wins purely because thanks to jumpets it can take Reavers head-on no problem (also: getting to annoying places). Sparrow? Fuck off. Fucking piece of crap. Can kill high-flying Libs and is useful at bridge battles, and everyone knows THAT wins battles, right?

1. Vanguard
1. Prowler
1. Magrider
They're all great IMO. Vanguard is just a good, proper tank. Prowler is harder to keep alive, but has BEASTLY damage output even with just the main gunner. Maggie is best for AV and can fend off air effectively, not as hot vs infantry, and trades armor for mobility.

1. Thunderer
2. Raider
3. Aurora
Thundy is sooo much better than the other two. Raider is just a less efficient Deli, and Aurora has exactly one selling point: camping doors like no tomorrow.

1. Enforcer
2. Marauder
3. Thresher
Enfo just kills stuff, even after the one-shot nerf (and looks awesome while doing it). Thresher is fun as hell to drive, but just doesn't kill stuff. Marauder is inbetween.

The Mercs. That's right.
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