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Originally Posted by Fenrys View Post
I think it's 3!^3=216 permutations?
yea, after Rolfski said rotate just 2 empires in a switch, I knew that made my numbers would be a little off. It's actually 3!*3 cause the rounds would be only on one continent at a time. Not globally scored, i guess, is how to say it, so you don't need global permutations.

But either way, I'm getting dragged into the details, noone needs round based competition in a persistent game. Isn't that kinda what the difference is between persistent worlds and instanced combat? Why bother with the larger framework if you're going to simply slice it up into arbitrary timeframes for an arbitrary scoring system? I mean that's the issue here. Planetside (1 and 2) claim to fame is the persistent world in an FPS. Maps don't reset, the fight never ends, so why try to put in a system that does all the things SOE designed Planetside to extend beyond?

My other problem with it is that balance is difficult to achieve in combat alone. Can you imagine how much unnecessary time it will take to balance the scoring system? Introduce a new way to earn exp, or a new OP weapon, or some people leverage an existing mechanism differently. Doesn't the general flow of who owns the most land and who gets wacked the most determine the "win" condition? Or at least "win feel" for any individual player and/or faction. If a player can't determine from feel alone who's winning and need a few numbers to tell you, your name in lights and a ribbon to say "you were there", there's issues. Why not just give participation awards so everyone has a warm and fuzzy?

Seriously what happens after Round 1 in the WDS? all bases magically go neutral and there's a mass land-rush? What exactly will separate the rounds other than some arbitrary decision of "go" and "stop"?

Get real. The truth of the matter is that PS2 isn't as large and expansive (3 vs dozen conts and no direct intercontinental linkages) as PS1 was in 2003. graphics it wins hands down, big whoop. What's good graphics do for ya when FPS goes to hell in a mid size fight? How long has it taken to introduce a new continent because they have to hand craft every square km? and they're spending their time splitting up the game into weekly rounds of who held land the most. How about make more land so that not every base is contested every 10 minutes? Make intercontinental lattice so there's movement across the universe instead of interior to each of the continents. There's no progress being made... you don't move from one to the other like ants marching across a park from picnic blanket to picnic blanket gobbling up all the sandwiches and cookies. We just sit, swinging from the right battle line to the left battle line. Get bored, jump a cont, oh wait, we're being "urged" to now that alerts will count towards our "score". (Which I'm convinced is just to have a pop lock somewhere other than Indar.)

Bleh....I'm tired of bitchin....WDS is a waste, and PS2 is quickly becoming one too, maybe I should have just said that first.

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